Every organization wants happy employees, a great work environment and a positive culture.

We have all seen work environments where our first instinct was to head for the exits. Some behaviours that we see and experience at work are bad. Really bad. There are these toxic work environments that wear people down and grind them up. This affects real people, sometimes to the point of permanent disability. This is a huge cost for Canadian society and a liability that employers tend to underestimate. Until someone files a complaint.

At Simply Communicating, we specialize in workplace investigations and training for (re)building workplace environments and employment relationships.

We strive to protect the rights of all parties involved by maintaining confidentiality to the highest degree possible. We work with the client, usually a law firm or an employer, on developing an investigation plan. We provide written documentation, summaries and reports of findings that meet industry best practices.

Workplace Investigation Service

We have licensed professional investigators on our team.


It takes a certain expertise to manage sensitive situations and if you need that expertise, you will certainly want to know that the investigators you hire are competent.

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Anti-Bullying and Harassment Training

Bullying and harassment is a cost you can avoid.


Harassment is a cost you can avoid if you have clear policies and training that helps everyone in the organization understand what bullying/harassment is.

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Workplace Investigation Training

2 day investigation and interviewing course.


We’re now offering two options for HR practitioners and managers tasked with conducting investigations within an organization. We provide group and individual training options.

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What one of our clients says

Kellie is thorough and knowledgeable about Harassment and Bullying in the workplace. Her workshop was both informative and well applied to the individuals attending the session and the feedback from those who attended was positive. Kellie is a great instructor and up to date on her knowledge of the topics.
Janice Pellerin, Regional HR Manager, Sleeman’s Brewery, Vernon, BC
I attended Kellie’s Interviewing Techniques workshop in March 2012. The content was rich and she gave us many useful interviewing tools, each woven into reallife workplace scenarios that we could all easily relate to. Kellie’s presentation style and personable manner epitomize the words authentic and professional. Her handouts were easy to follow and highly useful: in fact, I’ve referred to these materials several times since!

Barbara Ashton, CEO Ashton & Associates