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"Our mission is to help businesses build and maintain healthy employment relationships."

Kellie Auld is the owner and Principal Consultant of Simply Communicating. Kellie has had extensive training in workplace investigations techniques and has worked in human resources for many years, which further allows her to comprehend the elements that must be taken into consideration when determining findings.  Her team of investigators collectively, have over 40 years of investigative experience and as such, are well aware of the importance of managing an impartial and defendable investigation.

Simply Communicating is a Licenced Security Business and a member of the Private Investigators Association of BC (PIABC).  We have professional Licenced Private Investigators who not only conduct workplace investigations, but also provide training on how to effectively manage workplace investigations, including how to conduct interviews, detect deception, assess credibility and write investigative reports.

Investigations typically occur as a result of allegations being made of violating company policies or legislation relating to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and other types of workplace misconduct. Our approach is to respond as quickly as possible ensuring a timely investigation is undertaken, limiting the scope and involving the least number of people without compromising the thoroughness or fairness of the investigation.

We feel it is imperative that we protect the rights of all parties involved, maintaining confidentiality to the highest degree possible. Our investigators work with the client (law firm or employer) to develop an investigation plan and provide written documentation, summaries and reports of findings adhering to best practices. There are instances in which we also provide recommendations to assist in managing the outcomes.

More often than not, the sort of recommendations that flow from those investigations, is the need for better and more effective communication. And that's where our human resources expertise comes into play.

We develop customized workshops on bullying and harassment; supervisory and leadership skills (including performance coaching and difficult conversations); conflict resolution, and we also assist employers with employment policies.

Allow us to work with you to fulfill our mission of creating and maintaining healthy employment relationships.

Who We Are

Kellie Auld

Kellie Auld, the owner and Principal Consultant of Simply Communicating (A Licensed Security Business) has the belief that people can work together collaboratively to obtain common goals if they learn to communicate effectively.
The consultants that partner with Simply Communicating have the same belief and we all work hard to ensure we maintain our professional certifications to bring our clients the most up-to-date and best practice resources available,
Kellie is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and she also holds Certificate in Human Resources Management (CHRM); Provincial Instructor’s Diploma (PID); and a Continuing Adult Education Certificate (CACE), a Workplace Investigations Certificate and many other certifications related to the field of human resources and training. She facilitates interactive workshops to ensure that everyone can share experiences in a safe, welcoming environment. She is passionate about learning – as are her partners – and this is what sets us apart.
Along with continual learning, Kellie also enjoys hiking, camping, biking, eating good food, and spending time with her family and friends.

Don Adam

Don Adam is a highly regarded investigator who had a stellar career with the RCMP as a serious crimes investigator, polygraph operator and mentor for major case management.
He was involved in the creation and leadership of the British Columbia (E Division) interview assistance team and he is still called upon today to lecture on his expertise as an investigator and interrogator.
Don’s experience adds an entirely new level of expertise to Simply Communicating and he has allowed us to expand our services to offer some very unique and superior quality investigations training.
Don is also available to assist client in more serious allegations in the workplace that may require the ability to detect deception. His knowledge and experience in conducting investigations is unparalleled and we’re extremely pleased to have him as part of our team.

Our Services

Conducting Workplace investigations

Leadership Development Programs

HR Policy Development

Customized Training


Conflict Management

Investigative Interviewing Training

Customised Anti-Bullying and Harassment Training

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Training


Cultural Assessment

Team Building


I had the pleasure of working with Kellie Auld of Simply Communicating during the course of our organization’s policy review. Kellie’s extensive knowledge in the area of human resources was evident when reviewing the final product and I feel confident our HR policies now meet a higher standard of quality. Her professionalism and welcoming approach made the process that much easier and my team looks forward to participating in her upcoming workshop series on hiring and interview processes. Thank you Kellie.
Sian Lewis, MSW, RSWExecutive DirectorPhoenix Centre(tm), Kamloops, BC

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