How to deal with Harassment and Bullying Complaints

As a manger or a supervisor, you have an added responsibility in terms of ensuring a safe workplace for your reports. It is up to you to be aware of potential signs of harassment or bullying and if you do, to act on them.

You will also want to be very clear on what harassment means and to know what your company policies say as well as what other laws and legislation there might be that could affect your organization.

As well, if you are a supervisor or manager in B.C., you will want to be sure

Is conflict in the workplace a bad thing?

When we think of workplace conflict, most of us probably cringe.  No one likes to deal with conflict.  But…conflict can actually be good. From conflict comes growth.  The trick is to discover how to manage conflict so that it stays healthy and doesn’t go down the path of destruction.  If we allow conflict to get out of hand, we can unknowingly create a toxic workplace and that is certainly something we want to avoid.

Here are some tips in how to manage conflict