Harassment Case Study

Case – Harassment Complaint:

I had a client that was faced with an employee claiming that he had been getting harassed at work. In fact, he felt that the harassment was in violation of his human rights. The employer was a relatively small company and therefore had no specific policies in place with respect to harassment. They did not have an employee handbook either, or any kind of documentation for that matter that spoke to behavioural expectations.

I was called upon to come in and do an external investigation to

How to avoid workplace investigations

We have become a far more litigious society.  Not that long ago, a workplace investigation was almost unheard of.  That is no longer the case; in fact, they have become quite common place. With the new WorkSafe BC policy changes concerning duties and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and managers as well as employees with respect to bullying and harassment there may even be an increase in workplace investigations.

The best way to avoid a workplace investigation is