Problem Employee – Part 2

The first thing we recommended to this employer was to take a good look at his current employees and consider which ones he could provide more training and development to so that if this problem employee did walk out; he could still manage his business. We also advised him that allowing others to develop their skills would not only increase his ability to provide a better quality business for his customers, it would also provide learning opportunities for his employees that would encourage them to stay.

Problem Employee – Part 1

We often hear about the employers that don’t treat employees well; but you know, it sometimes works the other way as well.

I had a call from a gentleman who was at his wits end as to what he could do with an employee that he has had on his payroll now for 5 years. This employee is running the entire show! He’s a bully and the employer is to the point that he is actually afraid of him – not in a physical sense –but in the sense that he’s afraid to stand up to him because– oh no – heaven forbid – he may lose him!

Play at Work

In my most recent blog, I talked about the importance of the work/life balance.  According to a number of recent articles I’ve read in the human resources arena, this balance is the number one concern of employees at all levels, in Canada and the U.S., the ability to achieve this is one top determinant in whether they are happy on the job and whether they stay or leave.


With this in mind – here are some reasons to consider Play at Work.