Bullying in the Schoolyard and Beyond

I’ve been part of a couple of discussion boards regarding bullying and there is no doubt that this behaviour negatively impacts the schoolyard and eventually, our workplaces.

Bullying is destructive behaviour that hurts other people and most certainly impacts businesses in a negative way.  In an attempt to correct this behaviour, we develop policies.  School teachers and principals are expected to manage bullying in the schoolyards.  Bullies are supposed to be dealt with early on in life.

Bullying and Harassment – A Workplace Compensation Claim in BC?

Almost daily, we are hearing about bullying and harassment claims being made against employers.  Most small and medium sized employers don’t even have harassment policies – let alone bullying or personal harassment policies. All that may change if WorkSafe BC Bill 14 passes legislation.

Best Places to Work

Have you ever worked for one of the “Best Places to Work”?


I have.  And you know what, it really wasn’t…You can’t imagine my excitement when I was hired to work for the company.  Wow!  I’d been waiting a long time to have this opportunity.  I followed the business for some time and when my chance finally came, I jumped at it.  I didn’t think twice!