About Us

At Simply Communicating, we specialize in workplace investigations and in (re)building workplace environments and employment relationships.

We have all seen work environments where our first instinct was to head for the exits. Some behaviours that we see and experience at work are bad. Really bad. There are these toxic work environments that wear people down and grind them up. This affects real people, sometimes to the point of permanent disability. This is a huge cost for Canadian society and a liability that employers tend to underestimate. Until someone files a complaint.

Every organization wants happy employees, a great work environment and a positive culture.

Many have ‘respect’ as a core value and state that they offer their employees a ‘respectful and inclusive work environment’. However, this is not always backed up by actual behaviours. There are many examples where behaviours and culture are diametrically opposed to the stated intent.

When organizations advertise their mission, vision and values on websites and in policies, they need to realize that these cannot be just a bunch of words. Employers need to actively work on matching behaviours. Especially executives and managers.

If an employer is serious about its reputation and its work environment, policies need to be enforced consistently and management needs to avoid condoning. When employees engage in bad behaviour and others see them do so with impunity, everyone in the organizations will conclude that bad behaviour is being tolerated… usually until someone files a complaint.

Simply Communicating conducts investigations.

We are typically brought in to look into alleged violations of company policies or legislation relating to discrimination, harassment, bullying, retaliation and other types of workplace misconduct, which often have an element of intent. Our approach is to respond as quickly as possible. A timely and thorough investigation is the best way to get to the heart of the matter and resolve an issue. The ideal outcome is one where the work relationship is salvaged and the work environment improves through changed behaviours.

Simply Communicating is a Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General licensed Private Investigator and Security Consulting firm regulated under the Security Services Act  of B.C.

We also have professional Licensed Private Investigators who provide training on how to effectively manage workplace investigations.

This training includes how to:

  • Conduct interviews
  • Detect deception
  • Assess credibility
  • Write investigative reports

We strive to protect the rights of all parties involved by maintaining confidentiality to the highest degree possible. We work with the client, usually a law firm or an employer, on developing an investigation plan. We provide written documentation, summaries and reports of findings that meet industry best practices.

We offer customized workshops in the following areas:

  • How to deal with bullying and harassment
  • Coaching for supervisory and leadership skills
  • Conflict resolution, performance management
  • Developing employment policies

When organizations bring us in, our goal is not to modify behaviours, as that would just be a short-term solution – like a band-aid. For optimum protection and long-term return on your investment, we aim to effect fundamental, lasting change in the culture and the workplace.

KellieKellie Auld

Kellie is the Owner and Principal Consultant of Simply Communicating, specializing in workplace investigations, workplace investigations training, and employee policy development.  Kellie has extensive training and experience in workplace investigation techniques, coupled with many years of HR experience and certifications.

As Kellie says, “More often than not, the sort of recommendations that flow from our investigations is the need for better, more effective communication. And that’s where the HR expertise comes into play”.

Kellie and her team of investigators have over 40 years of investigative experience among them and, as such, are well aware of the importance of impartial and unassailable investigations.

Don-AdamDon Adam

Don Adam was an operational RCMP investigator and leader for 34 years. The last 25 years of his service were spent in major crime investigation and interviewing.  As an examiner Don received advanced interview/interrogation training within Canada and the US. By 1996 Don was the Canadian Police College’s Polygraph School instructor on interrogation. He also taught interview/interrogation in British Columbia at the RCMP’s Fairmont Academy.

In 2013 Don reconnected with Kellie Auld who had been a work colleague at Coquitlam RCMP in the 1980’s. Kellie believed that some of the investigative and interviewing skills from policing would be valuable in workplace investigations. Together, since they’ve reunited, they have tested that theory and found Kellie’s assessment was very accurate.

Don facilitates our advanced interviewing techniques training we’re very fortunate to have his talents on the team.