Anti-Bullying and Harassment Training

Bullying and harassment is a cost you can avoid if you have clear policies and training.

Whether you are a federally legislated or provincially legislated employer, you should be concerned with any type of harassment in your workplace. Bullying and harassment is a cost you can avoid if you have clear policies and training that helps everyone in the organization understand what bullying/harassment is – and what it’s not.

Employers are responsible for protecting workers and they must ensure that policies are in place; that they are communicated well; and that they are followed. Employers are required to train their employees and help them in understanding what processes to follow if they witness or are a victim of bullying/harassment.

Our workshops have been very well-received and we encourage open dialogue with participants to ensure there is a good understanding of the subject.

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What one of our clients says

Kellie is a very skilled and dynamic presenter who is very knowledgeable in the subject matter she is teaching. Her ability to combine this knowledge with our organizations internal policies, and requirements, ensured that we received training which was on point and specific to our work place.

Kellie’s knowledge of the subject matter, and diverse experience, were great assets when conducting Bullying and Harassment training for our work place. She certainly demystified the web of confusion surrounding this topic.

Tracy Wynnyk, Occupational Health & Safety Advisor
Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

Customized Anti-bullying and harassment training

With the WorkSafe BC legislation in place, all workers in BC must be trained in what constitutes bullying and harassment. Simply Communicating creates workshops that clearly communicate what bullying and harassment are – and what they are not.

All employers must have policies in place that clearly identify the behaviours and the processes that will follow in the event of any complaints of this nature.

We customize our workshops to suit the employer policies and we develop opportunities for lots of discussion and look at case studies to ensure good comprehension of the materials. We help participants learn how to have some of the difficult conversations they need to have in order to create healthier relationships at work.

We embed the policies of the employer and we give managers and supervisors an additional piece of information on how to handle complaints that may come their way by walking through the company policies with them so they are comfortable in dealing with the steps.

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What one of our clients says

“Kellie is thorough and knowledgeable about Harassment and Bullying in the workplace. Her workshop was both informative and well applied to the individuals attending the session and the feedback from those who attended was positive. Kellie is a great instructor and up to date on her knowledge of the topics.”

Janice Pellerin,
Regional HR Manager,
Sleeman’s Brewery, Vernon, BC