A troubled teenager named Bobby was sent to see his high-school counsellor, John Murphy. Bobby had been in trouble so many times that he was in danger of being shipped off to a special facility for kids with behavioral problems.

Creating Culture

What kind of a culture do you want to create? Many organizations talk about workplace culture but I wonder how many really know what kind of a culture they truly have.

Unfortunately, the leaders of an organization are often out of touch with what happens on the ‘shop floor’ as it were and I’ll bet they’d be surprised at what they’d learn if they came into the organization as a new worker.

Communicating Changes in the Workplace

Tips for communicating change!

Every organization at some point in time will have to announce some type of change in the workplace. It’s right up there with death and taxes – we can count on it!

Coaching Employee Performance

Have you ever had to work with an employee to improve performance? Have you ever felt like you were at the end of your rope with an employee who just didn’t seem to ‘get it’?

Coaching an employee may be an opportunity for a win/win situation.  While it may seem that you’ve tried everything; trying to understand what the blocks are for the employee, I wonder how many of us think about coaching as opposed to considering discipline, as a way to achieve our goals.

Case Study – Working through a Harassment Complaint

I had a client that was faced with an employee claiming that he had been getting harassed at work.  He felt that the harassment was in violation of his human rights.  The employer was a relatively small company and therefore had no specific policies in place with respect to harassment.  They did not have an employee handbook either, or any kind of documentation for that matter that spoke to behavioural expectations.

Bullying is Intentional

I heard a most interesting talk the other day by Dr. Gordon Neufeld (http://neufeldinstitute.com/) regarding bullying and his theory of ‘Alpha Askew’.

I have always held the belief that bullying was intentional and his theory would seem to confirm that belief.  Dr. Neufeld’s theory speaks to the fact that everyone has alpha instincts. We are born to care for one another; however, we are also born with dependency instincts.

Bullying in the Workplace

The case of Amanda Todd has really brought the topic of bullying front and centre.  We know that bullying occurs on the playground; in the schools; and in workplaces; and as a result of Amanda Todd’s very sad story we are seeing very clearly, that it also occurs on social media.

What can parents, school officials, workplace managers and employees do? 

Bullying in the Schoolyard and Beyond

I’ve been part of a couple of discussion boards regarding bullying and there is no doubt that this behaviour negatively impacts the schoolyard and eventually, our workplaces.

Bullying is destructive behaviour that hurts other people and most certainly impacts businesses in a negative way.  In an attempt to correct this behaviour, we develop policies.  School teachers and principals are expected to manage bullying in the schoolyards.  Bullies are supposed to be dealt with early on in life.

Bullying and Harassment – A Workplace Compensation Claim in BC?

Almost daily, we are hearing about bullying and harassment claims being made against employers.  Most small and medium sized employers don’t even have harassment policies – let alone bullying or personal harassment policies. All that may change if WorkSafe BC Bill 14 passes legislation.

Best Places to Work

Have you ever worked for one of the “Best Places to Work”?


I have.  And you know what, it really wasn’t…You can’t imagine my excitement when I was hired to work for the company.  Wow!  I’d been waiting a long time to have this opportunity.  I followed the business for some time and when my chance finally came, I jumped at it.  I didn’t think twice!