An End To Workplace Bullying And Harassment – One Step Closer In British Columbia

There was recently an article in the Vancouver Sun (May 3, 2012) referring to the BC Government being ready to take action against bullying and harassment in the workplace.

And just how does the Government intend to do this? One way will be through legislation of Bill 14 under the Worker’s Compensation Act.

Accountability in the Workplace

A lot has been written about accountability and how we can make others accountable – in particular our leaders (supervisors and managers) – in the workplace.

What exactly is accountability?

9 Steps to Avoid Gossip

1.      Recognize that gossip is a universal human behaviour that we all engage in, and can sometimes serve a functional purpose for employees and organizations. Remember, many of us spend more time with our work colleagues than with our own families and that idle gossip sometimes helps to cement the bonds of collegiality.

5 tips to make employee orientations and onboarding successful

I have worked for companies large and small that seem to struggle with how to effectively provide their new employees with orientations to the company. Here are a few tips that might help toward making the process more successful.

Supervisors Becoming Leaders

First, let’s look at what it is a supervisor does.  Does the title ‘supervisor’ make that person a leader? Some people would say, why yes; it’s a leadership role.  And I would say, yes; it’s a leadership role; but is the person in the role a leader?

Let’s break it down – what does a supervisor do?

Strategies for Employee Engagement

  1. If you were to advise a small company on how to ensure employee engagement, what five (5) strategies would you suggest?


  • Be clear on what your vision is for the organization
  • Communicate clearly to your employees in terms of expectations and keep in touch with their progress & provide feedback

Seat-Warmer Wanted

I recently had a discussion with a general manager of a medium-sized insurance business and we were talking about recruitment and how difficult it was to find experienced personnel.


The next thing I heard her say caught me completely off guard…”All I want is a warm body to fill the seats.”  Yikes! That didn’t sound like a very good plan to me in view of the fact that they had high turnover, which is what prompted the discussion in the first place.

Resumes for the Job Search

Many of us are very well aware of what a resume is and why one is used. The thing many don’t seem to realize however; is that a resume should be done specifically for the job to which you are applying.

The ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work anymore. We have turned the corner yet again. Not that long ago, employees could almost name their price – quality candidates were few and far between.

Resume writing – 101

When you are on the hunt for employment and decide to submit resumes, be sure you know how to present yourself well and clearly illustrate why you would be the best candidate; or at the very least, one they’ll want to bring in to interview. Here are some thoughts based on the thousands of resumes I’ve seen over the years.

Reference Checking

I was listening to a discussion the other day about reference checks and heard someone ask the question, “What can an employer say”?


I have been in human resources for many years and held management and supervisory positions prior to that – so I’ve been asked to supply references for years.