Conducting Workplace Investigations

There are times when an organization will need the expertise of an external party to conduct a workplace investigation, particularly if a complaint is against a member of the management team or one that could potentially result in termination of an employee.

What We Do

Investigations must be managed promptly, fairly, without bias, and confidentially.  Workplace investigators require skills and knowledge about employment law as well as skilled interviewing techniques. When you hire someone externally, be sure they have these skills.

Simply Communicating is a licensed security business.

We have licensed professional investigators on our team and years of human resources and investigation skills. As a result, we are well-versed in interviewing techniques and have a wealth of knowledge relating to employment standards, collective agreement interpretations, policies and procedures, human rights and WorkSafe BC legislation. We are also current with recent case law to ensure that our clients have sound, legally defensible investigations completed.

We are also available to coach human resources or other professionals or members of management teams in conducting internal investigations.

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What one of our clients says

“Our organization retained Kellie Auld to conduct workplace investigations on a few occasions. I was extremely pleased with Kellie’s services – her attention to detail, strong organizational awareness, experienced interviewing skills and responsiveness at each step of the investigation gave our organization exactly the kind of support we needed throughout the process. Kellie’s final reports are thorough, well supported, well-reasoned and well documented. I trust that even in the most difficult or sensitive situation Kellie will investigate thoroughly and with integrity. Thank you to Kellie for her professional and efficient services!”

Mathieu Blouin, M. Sc., CHRP
Human Resources Consultant
City of Nanaimo