March 28, 2015 kellie

Workplace Investigations Training

3215 Eby Street, Terrace, BC, V8G 2X8

At City of Terrace

3215 Eby Street, Terrace, BC, V8G 2X8

Simply Communicating

This two day course will deal with a variety of Workplace Investigation Issues with a focus on solid processes & methodologies to ensure consistency. Some of the topics will be:

Recognizing and dealing with Bias

Internal or External

  • Serious allegations that could result in loss of reputation or job
  • Potential legal claims
  • Something that may catch attention of media (higher level position in organization)

How to deal with Anonymous Complaints

Training and Experience is needed to know how to effectively:

  • Conduct Interviews
  • Gather evidence
  • Analyze evidence
  • Assess credibility
  • Know if forensic experts are required
  • How to deal with difficult people during interviews
  • How to deal with media
  • How to protect confidentiality
  • How to write a report to articulate findings based on elements of the offence(s)

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