HR Policy Development

Every organization, no matter how small, should have some employment policies.

Employees often have questions about what they are entitled to – how vacation leave applies to them – how hiring decisions are made – how overtime works, etc.

Your policies should also be aligned with your business.

Policies clearly communicate values and expectations for how things are done at your organization; they keep your organization compliant with legislation and as a result, can protect you against employment claims.

Policies provide documentation and they ensure that there is consistent treatment of staff, fairness and transparency.

Policies are the voice of the organization – a guide for everyone working in the business at all levels – to communicate the way things are to be done in the business.  Believe it or not, people want to have the structure that policies provide – they want to know they are doing things with some level of uniformity and more than anything – they want to have some comfort in the predictability policies offer.

Simply Communicating has developed employment policies and procedures for a number of different businesses across a wide variety of industries, and while there are some similarities based on legislative requirements, every business has its own set of values and expectations.

It is crucial that your policies align with your company’s goals and objectives and your own unique culture so they are something everyone in the organization can live with.  Policies should be written in your own voice so you are not presenting just words on paper that are meaningless and difficult to live up to.

Let Simply Communicating assist you in developing the policies you need so you can breathe easier knowing you have a certain level of consistency, fairness and legally compliant guidance.

Contact us to see how we can help in assisting you on writing your employment policies and procedures.

What one of our clients says

I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting and working with Kellie Auld. I am a board member for The Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism in Kamloops, B.C. Our organization hired Kellie to help update the Policy and Procedures manual for the centre. Her expertise and knowledge was very apparent immediately. I found Kellie to be very good at explaining the sometimes confusing facts regarding the laws and requirements we needed to consider. She was a pleasure to work with and in my opinion went above and beyond the job she was hired for. Knowing we were in very capable hands and were receiving reliable information was very reassuring. I look forward to the opportunity, should it arise again, to work with Kellie and as a board member would like to say how much I appreciate her hard work.

Susie Braun,
CRTC for Autism board member