Investigative Interviewing Training

Proper interview training is designed to accomplish many goals.

An interviewer must become aware of their own bias and how it will affect the interview. They need to understand the psychology of human interaction and know the techniques to show themselves as empathetic, approachable and trustworthy.

An interviewer must understand that every person interviewed will approach their interview with a variety of intents: They may wish to be fully cooperative or hide some or all of the truth. The accurate assessment of their word selection, body language and the content of what they say all play into an accurate assessment of their true cooperation.

A professional interviewer will know that most people lie by omission. They must understand the techniques needed to both identify where information is missing and bring the interviewee to willingly supply complete information.

A final subset of interviewing is the obtaining of the truth from people who are intent on outright lying. Training in this area focuses on understanding the underlying factors behind the lies and the techniques needed to bring them to confessing the truth.

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What one of our clients says

“Absolutely excellent! As a person relatively new to the HR world, I found the content thorough, engaging and extremely useful. The role playing and observing mock scenarios was especially effective for me in discovering the skills of a successful investigative interview. All of the content was great! Maybe a 3 day workshop would be good – there’s so much good information.”

M. Dosdall
Deputy Municipal clerk, City of Port Alberni