Improvements in people management will ultimately affect the bottom line and impede success if not dealt with effectively. In large part, what we will do is help business owners in identifying and possibly changing their culture. We help employers and employees work together – clearly identifying expectations and communicating effectively.

The services we provide will help employers and employees work together utilizing communication techniques that will assist employers in selecting and hiring high-performing employees (interviewing tools & techniques that work) to ensure connection with the vision and values of the business– and – will assist employees in understanding clearly what the expectations are of them (orientations & on-boarding processes).

Take a look at all of the client specific services we can offer, such as:

We are also able to provide ongoing coaching for the leaders ensuring consistency across the business is maintained and it would truly be our pleasure to speak with you to find some communication solutions that work for your business.

We used Kellie’s services this last spring as an instructor for a ‘conflict management’ session within our larger weeklong training program. When we surveyed our trainees, the vast majority of them said thatKellie’s session was the best part of the week. I found Kellie to be an engaging professional speaker and was impressed that she went the extra distance to ensure that her material meshed with our message and general topics.

I would definitely use her again for any type of communication training.

Frank Ritcey, BA.
Provincial Bear Aware Coordinator
BC Conservation Foundation

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