Kellie is thorough and knowledgeable about Harassment and Bullying in the workplace.  Her workshop was both informative and well applied to the individuals attending the session and the feedback from those who attended was positive.

Kellie is a great instructor and up to date on her knowledge of the topics.

Janice Pellerin,

Regional HR Manager,

Sleeman’s Brewery, Vernon, BC


I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting and working with Kellie Auld. I am a board member for The Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism in Kamloops, B.C. Our organization hired Kellie to help update the Policy and Procedures manual for the centre. Her expertise and knowledge was very apparent  immediately. I found Kellie to be very good at explaining the sometimes confusing facts regarding the laws and requirements we needed to consider. She was a pleasure to work with and in my opinion went above and beyond the job she was hired for. Knowing we were in very capable hands and were receiving reliable information was very reassuring. I look  forward to the opportunity, should it arise again, to work with Kellie and as a board member would like to say how much I appreciate her hard work.

Susie Braun, CRTC for Autism board member


I attended Kellie’s Interviewing Techniques workshop in March 2012. The content was rich and she gave us many useful interviewing tools, each woven into real-life workplace scenarios that we could all easily relate to. Kellie’s presentation style and personable manner epitomize the words authentic and professional. Her handouts were easy to follow and highly useful: in fact, I’ve referred to these materials several times since!

Barbara Ashton, CEO 
Ashton & Associates

I had the pleasure of working with Kellie Auld of Simply Communicating during the course of our organization’s policy review. Kellie’s extensive knowledge in the area of human resources was evident when reviewing the final product and I feel confident our HR policies now meet a higher standard of quality. Her professionalism and welcoming approach made the process that much easier and my team looks forward to participating in her upcoming workshop series on hiring and interview processes.

Thank you Kellie.

Sian Lewis, MSW, RSW
Executive Director

Phoenix Centre(tm)
Kamloops, BC

We have been extremely pleased with Kellie’s professional approach to her work with us. She is always prompt with her responses and works well with our staff. With  her extensive HR knowledge and background, she has been able to assist us with a variety of workplace issues. We are particularly appreciative of her recent help on an extensive and complex investigation which enabled us to conclude a difficult situation. Thank you Kellie!”

Lori Rilkoff, CHRP
Human Resources Manager

City of Kamloops
Kamloops, BC

Kellie delivered a tailor made presentation to the BC Employer Diversity Forum members at our last meeting. We were fortunate to have the opportunity, prior to the presentation, to select and shape the material covered that was relevant to our group. Kellie’s presentation style is engaging and very interactive. Our members found great value in the learning tools she orchestrated. She paired real case studies with group exercises that had been coordinated to compliment the material. Kellie has a standing invitation to attend our future meetings. We are lucky to have shared in her perspective and experience and welcome future opportunities to do so again!

Joanna Clark, Employment Placement Specialist
Open Door Group
Kamloops, BC

The best thing about the New Employee Orientation is that it broke down silos… all employees had a chance to see, and understand all the functional areas of the plant and process. Prior to the inception of NEOS employees had no concept of all the “pieces” necessary to produce lottery tickets.

Eric Hrycyk
Director, Corporate Security
Pollard Banknote

I met Kellie Auld of Simply Communicating through a networking group and found her to be exceedingly knowledgeable about policy, staffing and business documentation. When I decided to rebrand Sage IT Services Inc part of that process (and a critical one) was defining the mission statement. I consulted Kellie regarding this and she made it so easy for me grasp the concept of a mission statement and helped me realize I already had the basis for one, I just didn’t realize it yet.

What I thought was to be a daunting task quickly became enjoyable and incredibly satisfying. The mission statement we now use is clear, concise and simple… just our motto “simplifying I.T.” …

I am grateful to Kellie for her insight, availability and delivery. I would highly recommend Simply Communicating to anyone.

Guy Waddington,
Sage IT

The Orientations and On-Boarding course for me was purposeful, insightful, well-presented– and extremely relevant. Every Manager and Human Resources person should realize the impact of Onboarding on the staff and organization, and the detrimental effect of not taking the time to adopt this concept!

Kellie was passionate and knowledgeable about the subject and presented it factually and in an easy-to-follow, interactive style – she made it fun to learn!

Mary Roach, CHRP
Human Resources Consultant
BC Public Services Agency

When I first researched how to address our agency’s needs for guidance with Human Resources, it was suggested that I approach Kellie at Simply Communicating. Kellie’s efforts have exceeded my expectations. Within a week the policies review was completed. In addition, Simply Communicating coordinated the review to meet legislative rules so that the package was ready for presentation to the Board of Directors for review and approval. As an administrator it would have been a shared time task that would have taken a few months to accomplish. The cost saving in terms of time has been well worth the investment in Simply Communicating. I would encourage any administrator who values his/her time to consider Simply Communicating for any Human Resource supports.

Paul Lagace 
Executive Director
Kamloops Cariboo Regional Immigrant Society

Kellie kept on plowing through on our tough project with our exacting demands. She sent just the right amount of friendly reminders for a busy guy like me to do my part. Great project management.

She came and met my staff and established instant, positive rapport. This really paid off during the tougher discussions on policy. I’ve made mistakes in the past with my interviewing and hiring. I am back on track with Kellie’s great coaching. Kellie has been a real ‘go to’ expert and resource on labour law and human resource practices. I’m happy to know someone who has the answers or will passionately conduct research to find them.

Carl Dyke
Trainer and Consultant,
CD Industrial Group Inc.

We contacted Simply Communicating to provide a workplace investigation for us that required completion on fairly short notice. We were happy with her ability to provide us with prompt and professional service. Kellie was clear in explaining the processes involved and that helped us in understanding next steps. We appreciated the work she did.

Fred Legace, Managing Director
Kamloops Airport

Kellie came to construct a comprehensive new employee indoctrination program as well as a training program for confined space entry. These programs, which are still in use today, gave our company consistent and measurable programs of competency, ensuring our employee’s receive a level of familiarity with our plant that affords them a knowledgeable awareness of the environment they are about to enter. She then went on to train our personnel in moving forward with the programs she developed. The role and the way it was handled by Kellie enabled us to be successful.

Frank Parlee
Mill Services Project Planner
Eurocan Pulp & Paper, a Division of West Fraser Mills


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