Workplace Investigation Training

Our 2 day workplace investigation and interviewing course has been very popular. (“See Events” for training in your area).

HR professionals feel that it is beneficial to be trained as a group so that everyone is on a single page and gain knowledge that enables them to assist and support each other.

We’re also told that the workshops provided additional value when the training groups were made up of personnel that work in similar environments. As an example, we had HR professionals from several municipal governments came together for a course.  In this instance the shared backdrop allowed for targeted discussions, examples, and networking that was directly in line with each participant’s primary duties.

Simply Communicating is now offering two options that are appropriate for HR practitioners, supervisors or managers tasked with conducting investigations within an organization.

“Increasingly, the investigations employers (and colleges) do internally for harassment and similar complaints are on the attack in litigation. Rightfully so, as so called “investigators” are winging-it rather than gaining the skills needed to do these reviews correctly.”

Michael Volkov ~

Hosted Training

If you have a group of employees who would benefit from training and can supply a boardroom (or rent a suitable office space), Simply Communicating will provide 2 days of training conducted by 2 facilitators (one specializing in human resources and the other specializing in interviewing techniques specific to investigations) tailored to your needs for a flat rate of $5,000.00 plus expenses and materials.  We can accommodate up to 12 participants maximum so that we can provide ‘hand’s on skills training’ and some individual coaching on the interviewing techniques.  The host may want to consider approaching other organizations to participate to share the costs.

Individual Training

We also provide investigations training on a per participant basis.  This training is held once in April and once in September at various locations.  We have had several enquiries about our training and we are currently acknowledging interest when we are contacted to reserve a spot. We change the locations of training based on finding the most central location to accommodate all interested parties.

Your Investment

Those attending these workshops are responsible for their own travel, accommodation and expenses. The per participant cost for the 2 day training package is $850.00 + GST per person. The workshop includes workbooks and beverages.

Contact us to learn more about our Workplace Investigation Training programs.

What one of our clients says

“We brought Kellie in to work with our management team some of our supervisory staff to get a better understanding of our respective responsibilities around bullying and harassment under WorkSafe BC legislation and to provide a workshop on conducting workplace investigations. My primary goal with this training was to help us develop a consistent approach when dealing with these sensitive issues. Kellie’s approach was perfect for us. She worked with our Human Resources Advisor to build a “made for Terrace” workshop. She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and was able to present it in a way that was fun and enjoyable. It turned out to be a great team-building exercise as much as it was an informative workshop. We look forward to working with Kellie and Simply Communicating again in the future.”

Heather Avison, CAO     
City of Terrace