Leadership Development Workshops

Leadership Development Workshops

“We were really pleased with Kellie’s ability to facilitate the Safety Culture workshops and found she exceeded our expectations in all areas of the tasks associated with the project; making a somewhat difficult venture a success and ultimately assisting us in achieving our goals”

Roger Laramee, eng.
Senior Coordinator, Health and Safety
Alcan Primary Metals

Conflict in the Workplace

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If you are like many managers in the workplace, you probably spend a great deal of your time managing “people problems.” Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that few managers deal with conflict appropriately. No one really ‘likes’ conflict but to completely attempt to avoid it may actually create even more.

Conflict can also be useful for an organization – the key is in recognizing healthy conflict from unhealthy conflict.

Simply Communicating has developed materials to help you understand how to keep the conflict healthy; from managing effective meetings to performance management. These materials are more in line with ‘internal organizational conflict management.’ There are also times these conflict resolution workshops come out as the result of a workplace-investigation.

We also develop workshops specific to those who are in occupations that work with the public and in service industries, which is targeted more toward ‘external organizational conflict management’.


Right on the heels of conflict management, comes how to deal with conflict once it has gone to the stage of a complaint.

Workplace harassment, bullying and sexual harassment are unfortunately on the rise. This may be in part because of the media attention these areas now receive or because of the Internet and changes to legislation in various provinces across Canada.

Investigations must be handled promptly and as objectively as possible. Depending on the severity of the complaint, it may be advisable to call upon a 3rd party to do your investigation. Kellie can be that 3rd party and handle the complaint more objectively and less expensively than legal counsel (who often refer the work to an experienced HR consultant).

Kellie Auld, the principal consultant and owner of Simply Communicating is a trained and certified workplace investigator who has performed a number of investigations to date and continues to do so.

The value in using an external trained investigator is that the complaints are more impartial; the investigation will include an unbiased set of recommendations; and they can be done quickly at a less expensive rate than legal counsel, as mentioned above.

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